A propos d'Alpha Aktiv ALPHA AKTIV INSTITUTE Find your calling by learning German “ One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”
Frank Smith
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Our German courses are assured by native, qualified and experienced professors. These courses are designed for all levels and all needs. Discover our courses
Alpha Aktiv BOOST YOUR CAREER Customized training to boost your career Do you need to give a boost to your career? Alpha Aktiv Tunis provides specific courses to professionals active in various business fields.
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Rigor is our byword

Language is the key to understanding culture. It also affects communication with others. That’s why we chose Alpha Aktiv to learn the German language.

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We offer tailor-made courses

Given that everyone’s needs and proficiency levels are different, our tailor-made course is the best solution thanks to specific aids that can be adjusted to learners’ profiles.

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